Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sculptees men’s shapewear?

Sculptees shapewear are compression garments made for men to look and feel great. These garments provide powerful targeted compression technology to help improve the look of any physique. The high quality fabric helps to firm your chest, flatten your stomach, and slim your waist.

What are the benefits of wearing Scupltees men’s shapewear?

Sculptees provides immediate improvement of any physique by hiding trouble areas, and create a more defined figure. This goes beyond the traditional girdle by targeting specific problem areas. You can shape up your chest, tone your abs, and get rid of love-handles with these slimming styles. Sculptees is also discreet enough to wear in any occasion. Designed in the style of traditional activewear, the slimming styles do not create any bulk, and can fit under any garment. With cool and comfortable fabric, you will never feel restricted, only confident in this high performance men’s shapewear.

How does Sculptees men’s shapewear work?

Shapewear uses a combination of nylon and spandex to contour your body to appear slim and toned. These garments provide immediate results to take inches off of your waist and hide any unsightly body fat. Different garments provide different levels are areas of compression, so you can disguise trouble areas while enhancing your physique as a whole.

What are the additional health benefits to wearing shapewear?

In additional to instant slimming benefits, Scupltees shapewear can help improve posture and provide back support. The compression technology helps relieve back pain and pressure caused by everyday activities or more intense physical exertion. Sculptees shapewear provides excellent support to the spine, hips, and abs which can help alleviate stress to the joints.

When Should I wear Sculptees men’s shapewear?

Scultpees shapewear is comfortable and discreet enough to wear during all activities. Work, social occasions, and recreational activities are perfect opportunities to wear Sculptees shapewear. The breathable fabric can be worn to the gym or in hot weather while still remaining comfortable. The more you wear Sculptees Shapewear, the better results you will see.

How do the sizes run for each style?

See our size chart to find your perfect size:

What are the care instructions for Sculptees men’s shapewear?

Scupltees shapewear are machine washing safe. The recommended care instructions are to machine wash cold, and tumble or air-dry.

Where can I purchase Sculptees men’s shapewear?

You can currently purchase on the website

How do reach customer service?

You can use our live chat option, or call and speak with a representative Monday-Friday from 9am- 5pm EST by calling 1800-953-5211