The Sculptees Difference

Performance Men’s shapewear that provides instant results

Sculptees is the ultimate in men’s shapewear and provides instant slimming results for every physique. Sculptees shapewear helps men look fit and toned without extra dieting or exercise. These slimshirts and compression garments can help improve confidence by eliminating problem areas, and enhancing muscles. By wearing Sculptees slimshirts and compression bands, you can lose inches off of your waist, tone up your chest, and eliminate love handles. Sculptees briefs can help slim hips, waist, and glutes. Sculptees shapewear goes beyond the traditional girdle by providing a sleek defined look through powerful targeted compression.

Discreet and Comfortable slimshirts and shapewear garments for any occasion

Sculptees men’s shapewear is not only the best at sculpting men’s physiques, but is also comfortable enough to wear on any occasion. Sculptees slimming crew necks, t-shirts, tanks, briefs, and compression belts are created in the same styles as traditional active-wear, and provide discreet slimming benefits. The sleek spandex blend does not add extra bulk, and can be worn to the office, out on the town, and to the gym. The breathable fabric is comfortable in any temperature and is never restricting. Clothes will look smoother and fit better whether wearing formal or casual clothing.

Affordable Men’s shapewear In a Variety of Sizes and Styles.

Sculptees provides the highest quality styles while still being a great value. Prices start at only $19.95. Each style is offered in various colors and sizes, ranging from 36”-50” chest sizes, and 30”-44” waist sizes. Sculptees offers slim crew necks, tanks, briefs, and compression bands. Shop today to find your perfect Sculptees style.

Look at what some of our customers are saying about Sculptees!

“Since I have been wearing Sculptees, for over 2 years now, I have noticed several things. My shirts fit better, my love handles have gone down considerably, and I have gotten many complements on how great I look now that I am working “out”. I love my Sculptees!
– Rod F.

“Boosts confidence instantly. I don’t have to worry about my shirt coming untucked!”
– G.Los

“I wore the garment with an older suit that I have. I have not worn that suit in 4 years but I love it, and it made me look like I was in great shape.”
– Nelson M.