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Slimshirts Provide Relief from Back Pain

backpain2Pain and swelling in the lower back is the result of wear from constant standing, lifting, and bending at work or play. Women experienced benefits throughout the ages of wearing corsets to improve alignment, posture, and appearance. Compression garments by Sculptees are created to provide the same great results through prolonged use by men.

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What is a men’s bodyshaper?

BW2A men’s bodyshaper is specially made clothing that is worn under a man’s regular clothes to hide their fat. These tightly designed clothing items prevent fat from bulging out, which can make a man look unsightly in certain clothing. A man will look thinner and more tone when he is wearing a men’s bodyshaper underneath his clothes. Bodyshapers for women tend to be little bit more popular, but now that there are options for men, a lot of guys are coming around to the idea. There is also the option for men to wear a slimming shirt with slimming pants, but a men’s bodyshaper will make a man’s entire body look better all on its own.
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Compression Garments For Comfort and Pain Relief

backpainPain and swelling in the lower back is the result of wear from constant standing,and bending at work or play. Women have experienced benefits throughout the ages by wearing corsets to improve alignment, appearance. Compression garments by Sculptees are created to provide the same great results through prolonged use by men.

Slim-Shirts Relieve Lower Back Pain

A hard-working man may suffer from pain and discomfort brought on by years of labor without support. Sculptees undergarments are breathable and comfortable enough to wear under a uniform to provide relief from lower back pain. The mens slimming shirt styles have a dual purpose in compressing the mid-section while also hiding love handles and belly fat.

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Core Support For The Gym

gymWhy settle for a bulky, constrictive belt to provide back support during a workout? Sculptees has a variety of compression styles that are both discreet and comfortable. No one has to know that you have imperfections with the use of clever slim t shirts.

Look Slim and Fit For Workouts

Every guy wishes he had a slender figure free from unsightly bulges that are hard to get rid of. Wearing core compression underwear while hitting the gym provides core compression Core compression to train the abdominal muscles over time. A strong core is great for the appearance, but it also has benefits that improve long-term health.

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Sculptees Styles For Your Body-type

bodytypeSculptees are a form of men’s bodyshapers that provide contouring without compromising style. The slim T shirts offer body sculpting for a variety of needs and problem areas. The assortment of slim tees provides a versatility that allows for choosing a design that meets each man’s needs.Sculptees Slim Shirt Styles

Pex Tank:   The Pex Tank offers smoothing of the back and torso yet with a relaxed fit. Its main focus is to sculpt the mid-section, while maintaining comfort. The waist and back areas feature targeted compression points with light control at the top and firm sculpting at the bottom.

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The End of Middle Age Spread

spreadLooking your best has less to do about gender and more about feeling confident in the clothes you wear. Now guys can buy garments that are specifically designed to flatten and smooth chest, stomach bulges and love handles at the same time. Perhaps you may want to slim your thighs and buttocks to keep from stretching your pants legs to the limit or would just like to have more room in your inseam when you sit down. Whatever personal flaws you have, Sculptees has a variety of styles you can select from that enhance or define your body type.

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Taking the Stigma Out of Mens Shapewear With Sculptees

stigmaThe idea of mens shapewear can take a lot of different forms. Some may look at it as Spanx for men, while others may see it as a way for unshapely men to avoid the rigors of getting and keeping in shape. Here at Sculptees, we don’t look at mens shapewear as either. Although our products emphasize the notion of allowing men to look their best, the majority of the effort we put into every product we make centers most on making sure men feel their best even when it’s in a girdle shirt. Period.
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The Future Of Men’s Underwear

FutureConfidence in a great body image is a struggle that involves men just as much as it does women. There are dozens of popular products made to slim down the problem areas for a lady, but until Sculptees mens shapewear hit the market, there was much left to be desired. Discreetly refining the physique using slim tees or a girdle shirt is the answer to the concern of the average man.

Shapewear That Creates Confidence

The midsection is one of the major problem areas that can make a man feel self-conscious. Men’s slimming shirt styles fit into every outfit and occasion to trim the waist without ever being detected. Never settle for a restrictive, hot piece of men’s shapewear that is going to cause discomfort in wearing. Slim t shirt s are made with consideration to keep a man cool and comfortable while accentuating strong shoulders and biceps. Continue reading