Don’t Let Age Rob Your Physique

fit-man-over-40Men are finally in on the secret. Women have been using shapewear for years with great results. And now, building on the concepts pioneered in the fashion and medical worlds, men’s shapewear is taking center stage.

As guys age, they tend to trade muscle mass for pot-bellies and love handles. Back problems and weakening of the core can contribute to less than impressive physiques. The pelvis, hips and thighs can also be victims of aging.
The gym can remedy a lot of these issues, but most men don’t have the time or interest in spending hours in the gym sculpting a lean, hard body. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want one.

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Scultptees Offers Multiple Solutions in Men’s Shapewear.

As men age, the core is often one of the first areas to go. Back muscles weaken as guys mature. Old sports injuries and chronic overuse can often come back to haunt you. Bad posture and hours spent hunched over a computer do nothing for your spinal column. Support your back with a slimming  shirt. The slimming shirt wraps your middle in comfort and the right amount of compression, instantly improving your posture and circulation. Aches and pains fade away and you may find new energy to take control of your day.

Another benefit to both the girdle shirt and the slim tees is smoothing out those pesky love handles. The slim t shirts can be worn underneath a business shirt, polo shirt or even a workout shirt. They are comfortable and lightweight giving even tight-fitting shirts a seamless appearance. Smooth out those lumps and bumps.

The mens slimming shirt can help trim off those extra inches so you can fit in your favorite jeans or dress pants. Have a special occasion coming up and that tux is a little too tight? Try one of our slim tees and your pants will button much easier. No need to suck it in and hop around, trying to get the waistband closed. And no more worrying that the one button won’t be enough to either hold you in or hold your pants up. Let our slim tees do the work for you.

Don’t let a little bit of aging slow you down. With one of our girdle shirts or mens slimming shirt, you can be confident in your daily activities. Your appearance is always important. Sculptees can help you achieve that cool, self-assured feeling knowing you look your best. Visit Sculptees main site for more slimshirt options!