Memorial Day Outfit Ideas with Sculptees

memThree-day weekends are awesome! And with Memorial Day just a few days away, it’s just a matter of time before donning the warm weather attire becomes a full-fledged routine. Because we at Sculptees are always looking out for you, we compiled a few looks that will keep you cool and collected from the time you leave the office all the way through the height of the holiday weekend and beyond:

1. Beat the Bulk

As the temps start to rise, clothing (for the most part) starts to become more and more optional. With that said, we recommend pairing a lightweight, short-sleeved shirt with a mens slimming shirt underneath to keep to feel and looking cool. A slim pair of lightweight shorts and some low-top sneakers will round out your ready-for-happy-hour look without feeling too stuffy or bulky.

2. Evening Attire Required

Once you’ve shaken off the workday blues and are ready to spend a night out on the town, make sure that you have the perfect attire to make the transition. Combining a pair of lightweight chinos or khakis with one of our high-performance slim tees, a cotton jacket and some dressier shoes will not only elevate your overall style, but give you the confidence necessary to enjoy yourself well into the night.

3. Special Summer Occasions

The spring and summer seasons are prime time for weddings, and nothing beats getting invited to a summer wedding on the beach. Be prepared, because the trick here is to dress light but still maintain a sense of sophistication. Luckily, our slim tees and mens slimming shirt are here to help you out in the clutch. Throw a lightweight suit (like khaki, linen or seersucker) over one and pair it some dress sandals and you’re liable to give the groom a run for his money.

Put yourself ahead of the fashion curve this Memorial Day with our line of our stylish and high-performance line of Sculptees products. From a girdle shirt with a quality Oxford button down to a lightweight jacket over one of our slim tees, Scultpees has you covered. See what we’re all about byvisiting our store today!