Sculptees Styles For Your Body-type

bodytypeSculptees are a form of men’s bodyshapers that provide contouring without compromising style. The slim T shirts offer body sculpting for a variety of needs and problem areas. The assortment of slim tees provides a versatility that allows for choosing a design that meets each man’s needs.Sculptees Slim Shirt Styles

Pex Tank:   The Pex Tank offers smoothing of the back and torso yet with a relaxed fit. Its main focus is to sculpt the mid-section, while maintaining comfort. The waist and back areas feature targeted compression points with light control at the top and firm sculpting at the bottom.

Slim Tank: Like the Pex, the Slim Tank is a form of slim shirt combined with men’s girdle that provides body sculpting of the back and torso. The Slim has a firmer fit, however, with its 360 degree ribbed design. This style offers the best in full compression. Its compression points target the chest, waist and back.

T-Slim Crew: T-Slim Crews are slim T shirts designed to provide moderate compression. The slim shirt tightens the waist area while also making shoulders and biceps look broader. The shirt is constructed of microfiber material that draws in moisture to keep the body cool. Compression points are located at the waist, back and chest.

Waist Bandit: The Waist Bandit is the ideal men’s girdle as it only sculpts the mid-section leaving the chest and arms free. The men’s bodyshaper also provides core support. Its 360 degree waffle knit design is seamless, providing light to moderate control that still allows for freedom of movement.

Jimmy Briefs: Unlike slim shirts, Jimmy Briefs target the lower body. The briefs support the lower back while also slenderizing the waist. This support gives the lower torso a longer leaner appearance. Moderate control is provided by the 360 degree seamless design and vertical ribbing, resulting in maximum comfort.

Owning Sculptees

Sculptees slim tees are designed to define specific parts of the body, thus they support a wide range of activities not found in other men’s bodyshapers, slim T shirts or men’s girdles. If looking for slim tees to control your torso and look better under your clothes, check out the selection of Sculptees available to suit your body’s needs.