Sleek and Slender Styles Take Over for Fall

fall sweaterThough thankfully the metrosexual styles of previous years are now as done as dinner, you’ll find that this fall isn’t the time to fall back into sports jerseys and ripped jeans, though certainly they have their place. The more you look at mens shapewear, the more you are going to like what you see!

What we’re seeing a lot of this fall are layers, but instead of being bulky and rugged, these layers are staying on the slip side of things. This means that slim tees should absolutely be where your mind goes when you are looking for help with your fall style. Choose a mens slimming shirt or a girdle shirt, and throw a thin wool cardigan over it. Match it with a pair of slim-cut jeans and pull your boots on over, and you’ve got a sleek style than is perfect for this fall.

Warm Colors

As the temperatures drop, more and more people are looking for warm colors, and that means that if you keep things on the toasty side of the color spectrum, you’re going to be attracting a lot of warmth-craving girls! A brown with a bit of red in it, a dull maroon, or even dusky oranges and yellows for those of you with the skin to pull it off are a great way to enjoy the fall weather.

Low-Riding Jeans

Remember the low-riders that were so popular just a few years ago? Well, they’re back in a big way, and there is no hiding the stomach that might be pushing forward a little bit above them. Fortunately, men’s shapewear gives you the silhouette that you need to wear this style. You don’t have to hide in jeans that sit right at your waistline or even above anymore, and instead, you can get that good looking shape that you have always wanted.

Long Coats

We blame the BBC’s Sherlock for this trend. Coats this year are sleek and black and fall almost straight from the shoulders to the hips. Unlike the shorter jackets of the previous year, this does not give a lot of room for ridges or bumps. Very few people are naturally going to be able to wear this style, and this is where shapewear comes to the rescue again. Choose a long coat in a light fabric, and have some fun with it!

From choosing a men’s slimming shirt to looking for the girdle shirt that really suits you, you’ll find that Sculptees has what you are looking for. Great slim tees are the name of the game, and when you are looking for slim t shirt s, we’ve got what you are looking for. Mens shapewear keeps you hot and relevant as the temperatures drop!