Waist Trimmers

The Sculptees Difference

Waist Trimmers that Helps You Lose Inches
Sculptees Bandit is the ultimate men’s waist trimmer.  This slimming belt reduces the size of your waist and eliminates loves handles. With the Bandit you can:

Learn More about the Sculptees Difference

  • Trim your waist
  • Flatten Your Stomach
  • Lost your love handles.

The Bandit Waist Trimmer Provides Slimming Results

The Sculptees Bandit is made to slim the entire mid-section while also providing back support. The specially designed compression material provides targeted waist control to make you appear slimmer and more fit.

Men’s Shapewear That
Provides Results

  • Look 3-5 inches slimmer instantly!
  • Targeted compression for ANY

Shapewear for any Occasion

Discreet and Comfortable Waist Trimmer for Any Occasion

By wearing Sculptees slimming waist bands, you can lose inches off of your waist, instantly, while still being comfortable. The breathable fabric is never constricting, and is discreet enough to wear under any garment.  The Sculptees Bandit goes beyond the traditional girdle by providing a sleek defined look through powerful targeted compression.