Comfort For Your Busy Lifestyle

busy-guy-2-300x156Today’s men find themselves in many different situations, playing multiple roles. Some days they’re a dad taking their kids to the park and a husband installing a new garbage disposal. Or they may be schmoozing the boss at lunch or playing tour guide for visiting big wigs. Some nights have romantic possibilities and other nights happen once in a lifetime. And sometimes guys just want to be guys. They just want to do their thing at the gym and hang out afterwards, watching the game with their buddies.

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Sculptees has multiple options for any occasion

The active guy will enjoy the fit and feel of our slim t shirts. You can chose a t shirt, compression shirt or mens slimming shirt depending on your needs. These lightweight shirts are perfect to wear alone for a workout or underneath your jersey for the game. The compression shirts give just the right amount of support and help to improve circulation for maximum results and peak performance.

Our crew necks are perfect to wear in place of a regular undershirt. They hold you in in all the right places and also emphasize your biceps, pecs and shoulders. Our mens slimming shirt will help smooth out undesireable lumps and help contain those love handles, giving you a sharp and sleek look underneath your suit. Confidence is contagious and you want to put your best foot forward when in counts.

Nothing is worse than indulging a little over the weekend only to find your favorite pair of jeans or slacks are feeling rather tight come Monday morning. Maybe you don’t need the support in your upper body, but your middle could use a little help. A girdle shirt is a great option for those that need a little smoothing or slimming help around the stomach and love handle area. Girdle shirts can help comfortably compress those trouble spots taking the strain off your waistband.

Mens shapewear is an excellent and affordable option if adding more hours at the gym or buying a new wardrobe is not possible. Whatever your day holds, Sculptees gives you support and confidence to be at your best.