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How to Get Over Your Fear of Men’s Shapewear

Tslim BEN3776Thanks in large part to action movies and sports, we’ve been told over and over again that real men don’t worry about what they wear. They don’t take time with their appearance, they shun any sign that they care what the look like, and if you buy into this, real men also won’t get jobs, won’t get any attention when they go out, and won’t get end up with a second look from the object of their romantic attention!

The truth of the matter is that people care what we look like, and one of the most flattering things that you can put on is a mens slimming shirt or a girdle shirt. These garments are designed to help you look lean and tight, and if you’ve been thinking about what you wear, you know how they good they make your clothes look on you.

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Four Unexpected Benefits of Men’s Compression Garments

3657A lot of people are thinking and talking about mens shapewear right now, but at the moment, you may be undecided. What is this all about, and what do you need to know? Essentially, what you need to know is that this garment puts the squeeze on you. It’s just a little tight, it’s not painful, and it makes fat look a lot less noticeable on your frame.

What you might not know is how beneficial these garments can be for you. When you are thinking about picking up a mens slimming shirt, there are four benefits you need to consider.

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Sleek and Slender Styles Take Over for Fall

fall sweaterThough thankfully the metrosexual styles of previous years are now as done as dinner, you’ll find that this fall isn’t the time to fall back into sports jerseys and ripped jeans, though certainly they have their place. The more you look at mens shapewear, the more you are going to like what you see!

What we’re seeing a lot of this fall are layers, but instead of being bulky and rugged, these layers are staying on the slip side of things. This means that slim tees should absolutely be where your mind goes when you are looking for help with your fall style. Choose a mens slimming shirt or a girdle shirt, and throw a thin wool cardigan over it. Match it with a pair of slim-cut jeans and pull your boots on over, and you’ve got a sleek style than is perfect for this fall.

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How to Get Ready For The Holidays With Sculptees Shapewear

man-turkeyThe holidays are just around the corner. Do you know what that means? Basically, it means that amazing meals, appetizers, snacks, cookies, pies, cakes and drinks will be all around you for days and weeks on end. What’s a guy to do to stay slim when these temptations abound? It’s hard enough having to shop for everyone’s gifts, decorate for the season, prepare for going home to see family and friends and schedule in work and home care at the same time. If you want the answer to staying hot and handsome during this stressful time, then you’ve got to hear about slim tees and slim t shirt s for men. This is shape wear specifically designed with men in mind.

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Look Good For Fall With Sculptees

sweaterNow that fall is here, you may think about wearing more clothing. However, sweaters can show off unsighly areas, as summer clothing. There is a solution for this, and it is Scuptees. Many men are surprised when they hear the term girdle shirt for men. A girdle shirt is simply a slimming shirt that will give you a flat stomach and chiseled pecks. It will help sculpt your chest, support your back, flatten your abs and smooth out love handles on the sides and in the back. These shirts are comfortable and affordable. Check them out today!


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Look Slim and Trim on Your Wedding Day

weddingCongratulations! You’re getting married, and this should be one of the happiest times in your life. You’ve got the girl, you’ve set the date and now you’re stressed to the max, right? It’s normal to be stressed and quite anxious before your wedding day. This is a day when you are making a big decision, and everyone you love and care about will be there watching you. You will be stressed about the food and drinks, decorations, music, weather and saying the right thing. But the way your body looks should not be one of the things that’s stressing you out.

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How To Get Your Body Back With Sculptees

healthy-older-manNot everyone was born with the body of a Greek god. And even those that were are actually probably spending hours at the gym trying to keep that body in shape. That’s great if you’re in high school or college and you have time to be a gym rat. But most guys have a real job and responsibilities and just don’t have the time or interest in spending hours to maintain an unrealistic look.

Sculptees men’s shapewear is a great option for younger guys. Whether you just want a little extra help showing off what you’ve got or need a bit of slimming in a problem spot, Sculptees has many different types of slim tees to help you get your desired look.

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Comfort For Your Busy Lifestyle

busy-guy-2-300x156Today’s men find themselves in many different situations, playing multiple roles. Some days they’re a dad taking their kids to the park and a husband installing a new garbage disposal. Or they may be schmoozing the boss at lunch or playing tour guide for visiting big wigs. Some nights have romantic possibilities and other nights happen once in a lifetime. And sometimes guys just want to be guys. They just want to do their thing at the gym and hang out afterwards, watching the game with their buddies.

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Don’t Let Age Rob Your Physique

fit-man-over-40Men are finally in on the secret. Women have been using shapewear for years with great results. And now, building on the concepts pioneered in the fashion and medical worlds, men’s shapewear is taking center stage.

As guys age, they tend to trade muscle mass for pot-bellies and love handles. Back problems and weakening of the core can contribute to less than impressive physiques. The pelvis, hips and thighs can also be victims of aging.
The gym can remedy a lot of these issues, but most men don’t have the time or interest in spending hours in the gym sculpting a lean, hard body. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want one.
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Stay Cool With Sculptees

guy outsideWith temperatures rising, and clothing getting more thin to suit the hot weather, it can be impossible to look good while staying cool. Compression garments are often thought to be restricting, and uncomfortable, not idea for summer weather. However, Sculptees defies this thinking. With revolutionary breathable fabric, it is designed to keep you cool in any condition, while still providing the slimming results to make you look your best.
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