How Shapewear Lets You Wear What You Love

BEN_3671Researchers repeatedly report that men’s metabolisms are superior to women’s and that most men can drop weight many times’ faster than a woman. Most men we know say it’s challenging to lose weight, go to the gym five times a week, and hold down a fourteen-hour day job. Men usually have as many responsibilities at home as their partners, and as many hectic moments. That’s why so many men wish they had reliable mens shapewear. The topic of how or where to find a girdle shirt is a sensitive topic, and most guys we know don’t want to share their secret tips on how to look great.


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Instantly Slimming

Almost magically, our slim t shirts can take inches off a man’s chest, back, and waist. They’re light enough to wear under a dress shirt and comfortable enough to wear when riding a bike or at the gym. (Sometimes, the most difficult part of deciding what to wear to exercise depends on how it looks!) The mens slimming shirt looks like pricey ultralight athletic wear, so it’s great to buy one or two for every day of the week. In fact, these slim tees look better than high-end athletic shirts that are so popular with men at work or play!

Older girdle shirts often looked a little like bullet-proof vests! Some flattened the man’s chest and restricted his ability to breathe or move comfortably. There are still “girdles for men” out there, but we don’t recommend them. If a man’s clothing isn’t comfortable, he’s unlikely to wear it daily–even if the garment improves his appearance.

Easy Buy, Easy Wear

We’ve done all of the hard work of designing the slim tees that men want to wear. We’ve also removed any possibility of embarrassment from the ordering process. There’s no need to search for a girdle shirt in a retail store!

Because our slim t shirt s are designed like fine clothing, there’s no need to worry about how to get into, or out of, the garment. There’s no tell-tale boning, lacing, or any tell-tale signs of antique shapewear that people of both sexes once used. So a friend won’t express surprise when a man slips out of his shapewear!

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Even the best physiques need a little help sometimes, and now there’s no reason to avoid wearing the styles and clothes you love. Our mens shapewear goes well beyond the concept of the old-time girdle shirt. These clothes actually hone in on a man’s problem areas. It’s possible to shape the chest, remove love-handles, or get rock-hard abs instantly!
No one will know you’re wearing shapewear, because our mens slimming shirt looks identical to activewear. Our easy ordering process makes it simple to get the right physique-slimming products right now. Call 800-953-5211 ext 1 or click for live chat with any questions! Visit our main store for more great slimming options!