Sculptees Shapewear means Comfortable Clothing

BEN_3733Getting in shape and staying in shape can be a time-consuming process for many men. Work demands often take first priority and, even when the workplace has a gym, men often say that few employees take advantage. But it’s essential to look fit and confident regardless of work or life demands.

Shapewear for men isn’t a new idea, but some men don’t know the first thing about how to find slim t shirt s they’ll wear. Perhaps a man gives in to a zip-up, steel-boned contraption for a special event because he needs to get into a tux, but he certainly wouldn’t wear the garment every day. Men need comfortable clothes they can live in.

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Can You Tell The Difference?

Our slimming tanks, pex sculpting tanks, crew necks, briefs, and slimming waist bands don’t look like other shapewear. In fact, our slim tees look identical to, or better than, the really expensive running or cycling gear men buy for workouts. Nothing about the fabric, colors, designs, or cuts says “This is mens shapewear!” So guys can wear these garments every day in all situations.

Washable, Wearable

Our high-performing fabric is wearable and durable. Throw the mens slimming shirt in the cold water wash at the end of the day, then air or tumble dry. But it’s a perfect idea to buy several. Keep one in the gym bag, an extra at the office, or reserve extras for vacation or work travel. Clients say they’re so comfortable and light, it’s almost like they’re wearing air. Our shapewear also adds back support and resulting better posture is an added benefit!

Why Wait?

Every man has last-minute events when he wants to look his best. Perhaps he’s always on call in customer-facing situations. There’s no need to wait for the day when life slows down (will that happen?)! Order several today by clicking here. This isn’t your father’s girdle shirt. Check out our main store Mensworx for more shapewear styles